Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just An Update!

We've had a lot of fun here at the ranch lately! Last saturday we were surprised with a trip to Glacier National Park, and surprised again on wednesday with a much needed day off to go rafting! And again to Glacier Park yesterday! I just can't get enough of this Montana Beauty!

This is the whole Ignite team with Pastor Jim and Miss Patty getting ready to explore Glacier 

Hidden Lake 

Drinkable water running down the mountain! Best water i've ever had!

My insanely awesome roommate Shaylene!

Some shots around the property 

Out in the field

Jaymi and Ben during our culture dinner

We had an Israeli Dinner

Second hike at Glacier

Ben Gilbert, Randy and Karens (interns) son
Pastor Mike, during the rafting trip we jumped off a 40 ft cliff! 

After rafting...such a great day! (this is my new family!)

Hopefully i'll get better at posting regular posts instead of just IBS all the time, but I hope everyone is enjoying the Bible posts, I know I'm enjoying writing them. I'm learning more than I expected too! Each day I'm so blessed and reminded that God is good and faithful! Keep praying for me and all of the other interns here, we are all being stretched so much!

With Love, Olivia 

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  1. Praying for you wibby wu! Love you. It all looks fun. Your insights are challenging me! As always, I love your writing. Thank you for always being so real! God bless!