Friday, August 26, 2011

IBS: What Is Evil

Romans 12:9—
Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.

Abhor what is evil. My first thought was, ok, that will be easy, I already do hate murder, stealing, and evil things, I skipped over this section of the verse and began to look at the other parts. I couldn’t focus on them though, I kept thinking about evil. Ok God I do abhor evil. I promise. I was beginning to get frustrated with myself, so I closed my eyes and began to seek the Lord. I always pray before beginning the IBS process, but the one short prayer wasn’t cutting it today. I prayed that if there was something Jesus needed to tell me he would tell me through my pen, because I couldn’t pull anything out of this verse myself.
I’m embarrassed to admit, after I went back and read what I wrote; I was regretful of that prayer. God definitely had things to tell me.

Abhor what is evil. Evil fills my heart and mind daily. Evil is anything that stands between me and God, anything that pulls my eyes from Him. Things that are meant to be good can become evil when placed on a higher throne than God. Blessings can become evil when placed above God. I have so many distractions, and so many things that get between Jesus and me. I need to be in fervent prayer that God will be my center, my focus. 

Written: 8/22/11

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