Sunday, August 7, 2011

IBS: Spiritual Attacks

This is the one that I wasn't going to post. The assignment is that we post all of the thinkgs we write. I would rather have gotten in trouble for not posting it than share it with the general public. Lately, i have been hearing the Lord tell me to post it, and tell me that I'm being selfish by keeping it to myself because somebody needs it. So, here it is.

Acts 7:57

“But they cried out with a loud voice and stopped their ears and rushed together at him. “

In this verse the men become even more enraged with Stephen and they refuse to listen. They join together to rush at him and bring him down.

As Christians proclaiming the name of the Lord this is bound to happen to us. Maybe not in this literal of a sense, but things and people will creep up on us and entangle themselves around our ankles in an attempt to trip us up.

This verse breaks my heart. I feel as though I have been rushed at by an angry mob lately, the attacks of the enemy are so strong. They come and go like waves, and when there are gone everything is beautiful and I feel as though I could lift my eyes to the heavens and see the glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But when they are near I feel as though I’m trapped under the undertone and my chest can’t get enough air to sustain life. It’s like suffocating by the hand of a small, demented demon, and every time I gasp for air the demon grows and grows.  The easiest thing to do would be to cower and collapse under it, but I know I must be strong and continue to seek the Lord.

I just flipped through my Bible to try and find a verse that I read the other day when old pink writing in the margins caught my attention. The sides of my Bible are completely filled up and if I were to stop at every note I’ve made I would never accomplish anything, but for some reason I couldn’t move on without reading this note and the underlined section.

Proverbs 3:24-26
If you lie down, you will not be afraid;
when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.
Do not be afraid of sudden terror
Or of the ruin (storm) of the wicked, when it
for the Lord will be your confidence
and will keep your foot from being

I guess my application would be to memorize this verse and know that I don’t need to be afraid to sleep or to fear what might haunt my mind through the day, but the Lord will keep me standing tall. 

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