Friday, July 22, 2011

IBS: Move When He Says Move

Acts 2:43
"And awe came upon every soul. and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles."

Because the apostles were doing the will of the Lord and teaching His Word, God was able to stir up the believers’ hearts and fill them with awe. Because the apostles were glorifying the Lord the Lord glorified them and blessed them by doing many wonders and signs through them.

When we follow the will of the Lord, He will bless us and our ministry, and He will also bless those around us who we are pouring out onto.
It’s terrifying to go to a foreign place and commit six months to living amongst people who don’t even speak the same language as me, but I know that the Lord has called me to the mission field, and so I can find comfort in the fact that He will fill the people with awe. And do many wonders and works through myself and everyone else on my team.

I feel like the Lord is calling me to minister to a certain group of people and everyday it is heavy on my heart and I hear the lord tell me that it’s the right thing to do and ya it’s gunna be scary and ya it’s gunna be tough, but as long as I move when He says move and I speak when He says speak, He will bless the places that I move to and the words that speak.

Also I’d like to take a second to share with everyone that since I’ve been here at potters field, the Lord has been moving inside of me and working in my heart like he never has before and I am in such awe of Him. 

Written: 7/19/11

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