Saturday, April 23, 2011

For Scarlett

After watching the cutest little girl sing on Abbi's blog, I showed little Evan, and he couldn't get enough! After a while I just set him up with the computer on his lap and told him which button to push to start the video over when it ended. He sat there, so enthralled, for so long! 

Also, we looked at the picture of the girls decorating their eggs, and he insisted we show you how he decorated eggs also!! 

He got so excited talking about Scarlett and wanted to show her our "puppy" as Evan calls her. Really we're just babysitting this dog for the week, but Evan looooves her! He was outside showing Scarlett the dog but every time we tried to record it he got a little shy haha

and lastly, just to show off how talented and cute he is!!

We talk about you guys all the time and he always tells me how much he misses his sweet girl!                We love you!

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