Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Story (following, following, following…)

The next chapter of my life begins now. I want everybody to be a part of it.
The original idea for this blog was to keep my family and friends updated over the course of this next part of my life.
 I will be spending four months at Potters Field Ranch in Montana going through their intensive mission training program, and after that spend two months in the thick of the mission field. I will be in Africa, South East Asia, or Central America

             For the past seventeen years I have had a few ideas of what I wanted to do with my life, but as many plans of futures go, they all fizzled out. I graduated high school and moved onto the local junior college (something I said I would never do) and had really begun to worry about what was in store for my life. I had no plans, no goals, nothing that seemed to hold my interest. Finally I decided to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College; although I wasn’t stoked on the idea of going to more school I figured it would be a good place to be while I was waiting for the Lord to show me what he wanted for my life. I also figured it would open up an opportunity to experience the mission field, which had always been a backburner daydream for me. When Michael and Pam came to Metro I was expecting nothing more than a good message and some awesome art, the same show I had seen twice before. I met Michael briefly beforehand, he shook my hand and said to me “Potters Field Ranch.” I asked him what that was but we were interrupted and both pulled separate directions. I expected to learn more about the ranch over the course of the message, but neither he nor Pam mentioned it. I knew the Lord wanted me to speak to them, find out what the ranch was, but I am uncomfortable talking to strangers, and I never approach people first…the Lord wouldn’t put me in that situation…but every time I tried to leave it’s like he was whispering in my ear…”Turn around. Follow me. Trust me. Follow me.” So finally I ran up to Pam and I barely got any words out before I broke down in tears. She hugged me and took my hand and told me all about the ranch, it sounded perfect. She then directed me to Michael who immediately took my hand and welcomed me to their school and offered me a two-month scholarship. I instantly felt loved by both him and his wife, and the more I thought about it the more I felt the Lord saying, “Get excited. Follow me. This is your future. Follow me.” So, here I am. Blindly following.

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